REnaissance yachts

"I started Renaissance Yachts in 2001 after 30 years in the yachting industry - my experience being mainly in custom joinery, but including "keel up" construction of seven boats up to 44 feet in length.

I spent a lot of my early years in this business working to improve production boats.  There is no shame in owning one of many, but I prefer to create boats that stand out; strong, beautiful, and distinctive."

- Robert Fink, Owner


With over 40 years experience, and a focus on joinery of the finest quality, we are uniquely qualified to make our customers' dreams come to life.

We work to combine classic designs with today's materials and techniques, producing what can truly be considered functional "living" art - both sturdy and exquisite

mission statement


Our goal is to create strong and durable boats and woodwork that are indistinguishable from the craftsmanship found in yachts of the golden age.  

And with the benefit of modern methods, they are much easier and less costly to maintain.

Craftmanship isn't a priority in the world of mass-produced yachts.  We hold our work to a higher standard, only serving the most discerning clientele - and wouldn't have it any other way.